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Heather Kemp

Awarded life membership in 1980.

A founding member of the branch and instrumental to growth of Knox basketball and referee branch establishment


Fred Jago*

Awarded life membership in 1982.

Served as the branch Secretary in founding years from 1978-1981 and further executive roles from 1988-1999

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Alice Jago*

Awarded life membership in 1986.

Served as the branch Treasurer in the founding years from 1978-1981.


Keith Vaughan*

Awarded life membership in 1987.

Served at the branch between 1979 and 1994, including 9 years as the VBRA Advisor.


Arthur Manton

Awarded life membership in 1990.

Joined the branch in 1981 and served as the President from 1982 to 1990 and 3 further years as a committee member.


Bev Agombar*

Awarded life membership in 1991.

Severed multiple roles at the branch between 1987 and 2004, including President and Vice-President.


Niall Quinn

Awarded life membership in 1997.

Served multiple roles at the branch between 1981-1993, including  4 years as Vice-President.


Peter Williams

Awarded life membership in 1997.

Served within the branch committee and executive between 1983 and 1997, including 4 years as President


Pat Vaughan

Awarded life membership in 2000. 

After joining Knox in 1982, Pat was and is still an ongoing contributor as a referee and Knox basketball Representative.


Ron Sturgeon

Awarded life membership in 2003.

Ron joined Knox in 1987 and held positions between 1992-2005, including 2 years as President and 9 years on the committee


Stephen Cavanagh

Awarded life membership in 2006.

Steve joined the executive committee in 1995 after refereeing at Knox, and held committee roles, including 8 years as President, until 2011. Steve continues his involvement as a session supervisor.


Ken Andrews

Awarded life membership in 2007.

Ken joined Knox in 1996 and served as Secretary from 2000-2008. He stayed involved as a supervisor and referee until his retirement in 2015.


Horst Eberius

Awarded life membership in 2007.

After joining in 1993, Horst has been an active member since, notably serving as the branch Treasurer for 26 consecutive years.


Chris Reid

Awarded life membership in 2007.

Chris started his refereeing at Knox in 1991 and has since refereed on a national and international level, being the only Knox referee to hold a FIBA accreditation.


Anthony Aulsebrook*

Awarded life membership in 2013.

After transferring to Knox in 2003 as the Referee Advisor, Anthony spent 17 years in the role up until his passing in early 2020. He was instrumental in the growth and development of the Knox referee program.


Rebecca Sturgeon

Awarded life membership in 2015.

Rebecca began refereeing in 1985 and was a strong contributor on the court as a referee and also committee roles between 1989 and 2003.


Susanne Wilkinson

Awarded life membership in 2017.

Sue joined the branch in 1996 and was a staple at the branch as a referee and overall contributor, even past her departure from the court in 2009.


Tony Hawke*

Awarded life membership in 2017.

Tony joined Knox in 1987 and spent 16 years in roles including supervisor, committee member until 2003, when he suddenly passed away.He is remembered with the branch through the Referee of the Year Award.


Sean Gottliebsen

Awarded life membership in 2017.

Sean was involved in executive and committee roles between 2002 and 2014, including 6 years as President. He was significant for growth of the branch.


Steven Piatek

Awarded life membership in 2022.

Commenced officiating in 1993. Steven has been a ongoing contributor since as a committee member, Supervisor and instrumental as a representative on Victorian Junior Panel referee.


Ian Knight

Awarded life membership in 2024.

Commenced officiating in 1999. Ian has refereed extensively on senior levels such as Big V, SEABL / NBL 1 & National Championships. Valuable member of supervisor and mentor groups.


Wendy Barned

Awarded life membership in 2019.

Wendy started refereeing in 1985 at Knox, she represented Knox extensively on a state and national level, while also spending 13 years on the committee between 1992-2004.


Greg Hood

Awarded life membership in 2023.

Commenced refereeing in 1980. Greg was a member for 18 consecutive years, various representations on Junior and Senior panels, and Australian Junior Championships. Was awarded referee of the decade for 1979-1988 at the VBRA Knox 40 year dinner


Graeme Wright

Awarded life membership in 2021.

Graeme was heavily involved in Committee and Executive roles from 1982-1990. Graeme played a significant role in the progression of the branch and the referee program.


Daniel Battye

Awarded life membership in 2023. Commenced refereeing in 1999. Represents VBRA Knox on Senior and Elite panels, NBL (SEABL). WNBL and NBL. ongoing committee involvement from 2006-2012 as Vice President and 2012 - present as President. Guided the branch through modernization and innovation to record memberships and promotion of the branch values.

* - Deceased 

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