KBI Advisor Appointment annoucement

Following the passing of our beloved Referee Adviser Anthony Aulsebrook, Meaghan Sheehy has been appointed as the branch's referee Adviser. Good Luck Meaghan!

Upcoming New referee course

We are currently accepting expressions of interest for our second referee course of 2020.

Visit the become a referee page above or email adviser@vbraknox.org.au

COVID-19 implications

As of Saturday the 14th of March, due to directions from Basketball Victoria, domestic and all other competitions are suspended until further notice.

Updates will be relayed when they're available.

2020 Supervisor Appointments announced

On behalf of the VBRA Knox Branch Executive and Knox Basketball Incorporated, I am pleased to announce the Supervisors for 2020.


Monday - Maddison Gordyn (Roster) & Ryan Donald (Co Supervisor) 

Tuesday - Cameron Crees (Roster) & Stephen Cavanagh (Co Supervisor)

Wednesday - Meaghan Ryan (Roster) & Joseph Kempson (Co Supervisor) 

Thursday - Ian Knight (Roster) Ben Henderson (Co Supervisor)

Friday - Mitchell Kennedy & Sam Viergever (Both Supervisors will alternate Rostering and Supervision)

Saturday - Brad Sheehy (Roster) Melissa Tomkins, Brooke Kennedy, Cindy Yu, Adel Lindsay, Daniel Battye, Hayley Arnott & Callum Burnie (Co Supervisors)

Sunday - Daniel Battye (Roster) Mitchell Nevin & Jayde Enright (Co Supervisors)

Assistants - Adam Sheehy, Liam Staff, David Pretty, Kurtis Baird, Georgia Aitchison, Georgia Jongebloed, Leah Cross, Trent Mellis, Sammy George, Deane Gilbert, Kyal Robinson & Michelle Letts.

- Daniel Battye - President

VBRA Knox programs and major events 

VBRA Knox Branch strives to offer its members, those involved at Knox Basketball and the wider community positive experiences through a variety of additional activities executed both on and off the court.

Annual Development Camp

Yearly development camp, open to all members, provides a great chance to build relationships with fellow referees of all levels and also receive learning in a unique camp environment. 

Fundraising and community programs

VBRA Knox organises many programs such as our Pink round for fundraising for breast cancer research and fundraising programs such as sausage sizzles and chocolate drives to help fund our functions and ongoing activities.

Unique On court opportunities

Refereeing at Knox allows for on court learning and experiences in practice such as 3 person officiating, referee coaching and a pathway for referee progression. 

History of the Branch

Established in 1978, VBRA Knox has a long and extensive story of involvement in the establishment of and progression of Knox Basketball.

Founding members and important members of the branch throughout its history are recognised to this day at VBRA Knox, with honorary awards named after Bev Agombar, Alice & Fred Jago and Tony Hawke. Many of the other members, instrumental to the branches history are also recognised with Life membership and with recognition at our 40th Anniversary Branch dinner, held in April 2018.

Further details regarding Branch milestones and records can be found in the About Us section.


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