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We are introducing BRAND NEW referee jackets, putting our VBRA Knox spin on the new Archer Officals Jacket design

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Notice of 2022 AGM - February 2023

Dear All Members,

This evening I would like to bring to your attention some changes within the VBRA Knox Incorporated Supervisors group. Following Brad Power’s decision to step down from his position as the Friday Rostering Supervisor, the following changes will occur after the Easter long weekend:

Cameron Crees will commence as the Friday Rostering Supervisor. Cameron comes with several years experience as a VJBL panel official, he is also a current member of the NBL1 Panel. Cameron has lead the Wednesday crew for the past three years and is well versed to take on this responsibility.

Alongside Cameron, Linda Shelton will be joining the Friday night session as a Co-Supervisor. In her career, Linda has officiated within the Women’s National Basketball League (WNBL) as well as spent several years as a SEABL referee (now NBL1). Her experience and ability to guide developing referees will be an excellent addition to the Friday night session.

As a result of the above change, Wednesday’s Rostering Supervisor position will be vacant. Georgia Aitchison has been appointed to this role. Georgia has been supervising Wednesday’s for the past 2 years alongside Cam, she will step up into the rostering role to take the lead on the session going forward. Georgia is a Level 1 official who has multiple years experience as a supervisor.

To join Georgia, Ryann Sullivan will step up to the Co-Supervisor position on a Wednesday moving from his current Assistant supervisor role. Ryann is a current Big V & VJBL official who has held a supervisor position previously. He will provide fantastic support on Wednesday’s.

Summary of the changes being announced this evening:

  • Wednesday: Georgia Aitchison (Roster) & Ryann Sullivan (Co)

  • Friday: Cameron Crees (Roster) & Linda Shelton (Co)


Cameron and Georgia will continue to supervise Wednesday sessions until the end of the summer season (including finals), whilst Meaghan will continue to complete Friday’s roster for the next 2 weeks. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Meaghan Sheehy who has been caretaking Friday’s session in the meantime. These changes will take full effect on Wednesday 12th April 2023.

Please join me in congratulating these four people in their new roles. I have full confidence that these individuals will provide great leadership and support to all VBRA Knox Incorporated referees for the remainder of 2023.




Sam Viergever

Vice President

VBRA Knox programs and major events 

VBRA Knox Branch strives to offer its members, those involved at Knox Basketball and the wider community positive experiences through a variety of additional activities executed both on and off the court.

Annual Development Camp
Fundraising and community programs
Unique On court opportunities

Yearly development camp, open to all members, provides a great chance to build relationships with fellow referees of all levels and also receive learning in a unique camp environment. 

VBRA Knox organises many programs such as our Pink round for fundraising for breast cancer research and fundraising programs such as sausage sizzles and chocolate drives to help fund our functions and ongoing activities.

Refereeing at Knox allows for on court learning and experiences in practice such as 3 person officiating, referee coaching and a pathway for referee progression. 

History of the Branch

Established in 1978, VBRA Knox has a long and extensive story of involvement in the establishment of and progression of Knox Basketball.

Founding members and important members of the branch throughout its history are recognised to this day at VBRA Knox, with honorary awards named after Bev Agombar, Alice & Fred Jago and Tony Hawke. Many of the other members, instrumental to the branches history are also recognised with Life membership and with recognition at our 40th Anniversary Branch dinner, held in April 2018.

Further details regarding Branch milestones and records can be found in the About Us section.

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