Name: Stephen Cavanagh

Current grading: Level 2AD Referee and Grade 0 Referee Coach

Year Commenced: 1988

Major Appointments/Awards:

– Served as President, Vice President, Secretary, Committee Member, Session Supervisor and Referee.

About Myself:

I have refereed at Ballarat, Daylesford, Warnambool, Morwell, Nunawading and currently Knox. After working on the executive of the branch in many positions and being awarded a Life Membership in 2006 it is a privilege to be a part of this wonderful referee branch. I continue to be involved in training and mentoring the younger and senior referees in an effort to continue to improve the refereeing standards at our association.

Name: Anthony Aulsebrook

Current Grading: Level 2 Referee and Grade 2 Referee Coach and Referee Adviser at Knox for the past 14 years.

Year commenced: 1968

Major Appointments/Awards: 2015 Referee Adviser of the Year for Victoria

About Myself:

Anthony has been a referee since 1968 and a highly regarded Referee Educator for more than 25 years. He is responsible for all Beginner Courses conducted for referees at Knox  and coaches all referees through their grades from Level 1C, Level 1B and Level 1A. He conducts two or three Beginner courses each year and currently conducts one Level 1A course to award the highest domestic grading to selected referees. Each year he also trains referee coaches to assist with coaching and mentoring referees at Knox. Anthony assists other associations with courses and is employed by Basketball Victoria to run Hooptime competitions and Victorian College Championship competitions each year.  He is also involved in the development of referee courses for Basketball Victoria and Basketball Australia. He is very approachable and always welcome enquires from people who want to become a referee.

Name:  Daniel Battye

Current Grading: Level 4A Referee & Grade 3 Referee Coach

Year Commenced:  October 1999

Major Appointments/Awards:  Current WNBL Referee, SEABL National Women Final x 2, Gold Medal Referee Under 16 and Under 20 National Championships.

About Myself:  After commencing refereeing at Knox in 1999 at the age of 16, I have been an active member of the association both as a referee and administrator.  By personally gaining many opportunities through the Knox program, I now intend to ensure others are able to do the same for many years to come by heading up the VBRA Knox Branch as President.

Name: Cameron Crees

Current Grading: Level 1A Referee

Year Commenced: 2009

Major Appointments/Awards:

  • 2015 National Junior Classic Under 14 Boys Gold Medal Referee
  • 2015 Victorian Championship Under 16 Girls Reserve Grand Final
  • 2016 Victorian Championship Under 18 Girls Reserve Grand Final

About Myself: I first started refereeing because my friends from my domestic team had an interest in picking it up. I started slowly but soon enough received my A grade and am now on both Junior and Senior Panel. I have developed some great skills along the way that also assist when I supervise, as I am able to provide feedback to fellow referees.

Name: Horst Eberius

Current Grading: Level 2AD Referee and Grade 1 Referee Coach

Year Commenced: 1993

Major Appointments/Awards:

Received the VBRA Knox Branch – President’s Award in 2012. I have received several VBRA Knox Branch – “Referee of the Month” awards.

About Myself: I commenced my basketball involvement in 1993 when three of my children started to play. I have coached junior teams, played in the Knox Senior’s Competition, officiated at numerous tournaments in Metropolitan Melbourne as well as some country Associations over my many years.

I have been the VBRA Knox Branch Treasurer for over 21 years. I bring sound knowledge and experience to our various committee’s. Very able to work with a diverse array of people for the betterment of the VBRA Knox Branch. I have four adult children. (two have also been basketball officials, players and coaches)  and nine grand children. Four grand children play basketball in the Knox Competition and the eldest is also a basketball official. My other interests include, golf, Collingwood Football Club, reading and spending time with my family.

Name: James Freeman

Current Grading: Level 2A Referee and Grade 0 Referee

Year Commenced: 2008

Major Appointments/Awards: U/12 VCR Girls Gold Medal 2014; U/18 VCR Boys Gold Medal 2016 (I’ll leave this to yours or Daniel’s discretion)

About Myself: I have been a part of the Knox Branch since 2008, and have recently been rewarded with my Level 2A. I have reffed across just about all domestic competition, as well as enjoying being a part of Junior Panel for four years reffing Victoria Championship games, and Senior Panel for one year, reffing Big V across the state of Victoria. Not only does being a referee and supervisor at Knox allow me to grow as a person, but also enables me to teach skills to my peers and help them develop further as referees.

Name: Maddison Gordyn

Current Grading: Level 1A Referee and Level 0 Referee Coach

Year Commenced: 2010

Major Appointments/Awards:

2015 Under 16 Girls VC Reserve Grand Final

2015 Classic Under 14 Girls Gold Medal Game

2016 Under 14 Boys VC Reserve Grand Final

About Myself: I see myself as a senior member of the Branch and am always willing to help others improve. I am a referee who likes to build friendships with players, coaches and teams, and this applies to my supervising as well. I also referee at the Junior Panel level where I have worked hard to achieve some great successes.

Name: Mitchell Kennedy

Current Grading: Level 2A Referee & Level 0 Referee Coach

Year commenced: 1999

Major Appointments/Awards: Referee of the Year 2003 & 2011 (To be confirmed)

About Myself: Mitchell has been a member of the VBRA Knox Branch for more than 15 years. Commencing in 1999 he has refereed across the various Domestic Competitions of Knox Basketball as well as the higher competitions including VJBL & Big V. Mitchell has spent time as the Session supervisor of Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Thursday’s and has been appointed to various roles across the committee throughout his time. Mitchell currently has held the role of branch secretary for the last 4 years.

Name: Brooke Kennedy

Current Grading: Level 1A Referee

Year commenced: 2006

Major Appointments/Awards:  NIL

About Myself: Brooke has been a member of the VBRA Knox Branch for more than 10 years. Brooke is currently the Saturday supervisor and also plays a key role in the general committee and major events committee, supporting the branch with fundraising to support the development of our officials.

Name: Joseph Kempson

Current Grading: Level 1A Referee

Year commenced: 2013

Major Appointments/awards: First year Junior Panel 2017, Assistant supervisor at VBRA Knox, under 14 girls gold medal game 2016 junior classic, 1A November 2015

About myself: Studying at Monash University, NBA fan, supporting the Detroit Pistons, support the West Coast Eagles in AFL.

Name: Ian Knight

Current Grading: Level 3A Referee and Grade 2 Referee Coach

Year Commenced: 1999

Major Appointments/Awards: Started supervising 2002, Junior panel in 2003, VBL in 2004, VBRA Knox Referee of the Year 2004, U14 girls Nationals 2004, Big V Div 2 Grand Final 2005, Div 1 Women finals 2007, Div 1 Men finals 2008, Promoted to Panel 3 2009, D League Men finals 2009, National Schools (Men’s final) 2009, U20 Nationals (Men’s final) 2010, Champ women finals 2012, FIBA Oceania Pacific Youth Games 2012, Promoted to panel 2 2013, U14 girls Nationals (commissioner) 2013, Champ Men Grand Final 2013, U16 Nationals (commissioner) 2014, Champ Men finals 2014, VBRA Knox Referee of the Year 2014, U18 Nationals (commissioner) 2015, Under 16 nationals (commissioner) 2016, SEABL Men finals 2016.

About Myself: I bring my experience from the state and national programs to be able to help develop the next generation of Knox officials, with a fairly healthy dose of honesty and humour.

Name: Armann Kumruyan

Current Grading: Level 1A Referee

Year Commenced: 2008

Major Appointments/Awards: Receiving my level 1A in 2010, Nation Wheelchair basketball tournament at the Australian institute of sport  2011, Junior Panel and Big V panel appointments in 2017.

About Myself: Currently working for Knox basketball whilst studying Primary Education at Deakin.

Referee regularly on 3 sessions per week plus junior panel and Big V on the weekends

Have been a part of knox basketball since under 8s in 1999 and remained immersed in the community ever since.

Name: Sam McGrath

Current Grading: Level 1A Referee and Grade 0 Referee Coach

Year commenced: 2008

Major Appointments/Awards: 2013 Australian School Championships U17 Gold Medal Game

About Myself: I started reffing in 2008 because of my love for the game as well as earn a little pocket money at the same time. Not only have I been able to achieve things as a referee since this time,  including refereeing a gold medal game at the 2013 National Schools Championships, but refereeing has also helped me achieve more whilst playing and coaching.

Name: Mitchell Nevin

Current Grading: Level 1A Referee

Year commenced: 2010

Major Appointments/Awards: Committee member since 2013, Saturday Supervisor 2016

About Myself: I Love being involved and helping out basketball at all levels. I enjoy helping with the development of referees on Saturdays and seeing them grow in confidence as the years go on.

Name: Jordan Pauer

Current Grading: Level 2A Referee

Year Commenced: 2010

Major appointments/Awards:

2015 Knox Branch Referee of the year,

Big V Youth League 2 Men Grand Final 2016

Under 14’s Nationals 2016

About Myself: I’m currently the Monday night supervisor and enjoying helping the younger referees develop towards their goals. I also at the moment am the tribunal convenor for the referees.

Name: Steven Piatek

Current Grading: Level 2A Referee and Level 0 Referee Coach

Year Commenced: 1993

Major Appointments/Awards:

2005 Big V Premier League Women’s Grand Final, Multiple VJC Finals, 2002 National School’s Championship Ballarat, 2006 National Under 14 Boys Championship Ulverstone Tasmania, 2011 Ivor Borge Championships Maitland NSW.

About myself: Started refereeing at Knox in April 1993, started supervising a session on Tuesday (PM) from winter 1998 then took on Wednesdays from 1999 to 2000 and left to ref MMBL as it was a prerequisite to reffing VBL/Big V at that stage. Supervised Sunday Seniors in 2009 to 2011. Adviser at Sherbrooke from 2011 – 2014. Has a wealth of experience on court at both domestic and elite level as well as referee coaching. Has maintained at all times at least one session at Knox as a VBRA Knox member over the whole time as a referee.

Name: Ashley Reid

Current Grading: Level 1A Referee

Year Commenced: 2010

Major Appointments/Awards:

2015 National junior classic appointed to  under 12 Girls bronze medal game

2016 National junior classic appointed to under 16 Boys bronze medal game

2016 appointed to 12 Girls VCR grand final and 16 boys VCR grand final

About myself:

I’m a referee with a vision, from helping start Pink Night to working behind the scenes on the Major events committee I’m committed to making this association the best it can be.

Name: Meaghan Ryan

Current Grading: Level 2A Referee and Level 0 Referee Coach

Year commenced: 2009

Major appointments/Awards: 

-VBRA Knox Branch Referee of the Year 2013

-Under 14 Girls National Championship Gold Medal 2016

-2014 Big V Youth League 2 Men Grand Final Referee/Referee of the Year

About Myself: I am currently on the VBRA Knox Committee looking after the WWCC and Compliance. I am also the Wednesday night rostering supervisor, and a referee on both senior and junior panels. I try to referee as many domestic games as possible to assist with the development of young and up coming referees as well as be a mentor and support person for as many referees at Knox as possible.

Name: Brad Sheehy

Current Grade: Level 3 Referee and Level 1 Referee Coach

Year Commenced: 2003

Major awards: SEABL Grand Final Women’s referee 2015, 2014 U18 National Championship Gold Medal Referee, 2 x Tony Hawke Referee of the Year Winner

About Myself: During my 13 years at VBRA Knox Branch I have been a very active person in the branch, supervising many different sessions over the years and having various roles on the committee. Currently I am the Saturday Co Supervisor and the Vice President of the branch. Passing on my knowledge to young and upcoming referees is a strong passion of mine and by helping these referees it allows me to put back into those who helped me when I first started.

Name: Adam Sheehy

Current grading: Level 1A Referee Grade 0 Referee Coach

Year Commenced: 2009

Major Appointments/Awards:

2014 VJBL VC Grand Final

3x Classic Bronze Medal Referee

3x VBRA Knox Referee of the Month

4 Years of Major Events Committee

About Myself: Over my period at the branch I have been involved in the VBRA Knox Committee, Major Events Committee as well as holding Supervisor roles. I have refereed two years on Junior Panel as well as some referee coaching at this level. I continue to enjoy refereeing at all levels and hope to continue to develop myself further through my refereeing career.

Name: Chelsea Smith

Current Grading: Level 1A Referee

Year Commenced: 2013

Major Appointments/Awards: Getting my 1A whilst living in a county town.

About Myself: I’m from a little country town called Yarram (Population: 2000, about 2.5 hours from Knox). I’m currently a uni student and come down to ref whenever I can!

Name: Gemma Terrill

Current Grading: Level 2A Referee and Level 1 Referee Coach

Year Commenced: 2005

Major Appointments/Awards:

Under 23 metropolitan referee of the year 2012

Appointed to 4 National Championship

5 time Big V Grand Final Referee

Gold Medal Referee at Under 14 and Under 16 National Championships.


About Myself:

I grew up playing basketball and my dad thought it would be a good idea to be a referee. Soon refereeing became a huge part of my life. I’m currently a Big V referee with goals to go further. The amazing referee program and people at Knox have guided and mentored me to be able to achieve so much.  Now as a senior member of the Knox referee program I am always doing my best to help all the up coming referees.

Name: Mel Tomkins

Current Grading: Level 1A Referee

Year Commenced: 2010

Major Appointments/Awards: VBRA Knox Rookie of the Year

About Myself: I work in the travel industry as a travel agent, so absolutely love travelling especially when it involves snowboarding.

Name: Sam Viergever

Current Grading: Level 1A referee

Year Commenced: 2010

Major Appointments/Awards:

– Current Junior Panel Referee

– Refereed 16A Boys Final

About Myself: I have been involved in refereeing since I was 14, I started off earning pocket money whilst playing in under 16s. After a few years I got my 1A and am now an assistant supervisor. I like to think I have the skillset to help and work with other referees, players and coaches when necessary as my role as a referee and supervisor.

Name: Cindy Yu

Current Grading: Level 1A Referee

Year commenced: 2006

Major Appointments/Awards: Referee of the month June 2015 and May 2016

About myself: I have been a referee at Knox for the past 10 years. I have refereed Big V the past two years and have learnt a lot about myself and about the game. I have started supervising this past year and have established great rapport with fellow referees, players, coaches and other basketball officials. I believe I am a great role model, and confidant for other referees especially the up and coming junior officials.

I also am a trained counsellor, therefore exhibiting various skills in communication and conflict management which I intend to continue to share my knowledge to other fellow referees.